Administrative law cases text and materials 7th edition

Administrative law cases text and materials 7th edition

By: Gus Van Harten; Gerald Heckman; David Mullan;Janna Promislow

  • Publisher:Emond Publishing
  • Print ISBN: 9781552396186, 1552396185

  • eText ISBN: 9781552397008, 1552397009

  • Edition: 7th
  • Copyright year: 2015
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The seventh edition of Administrative Law: Cases, Text, and Materials has been meticulously reorganized and updated to provide detailed commentary and a thorough review of recent case law in a resource that is engaging and accessible to students. Careful editing has significantly reduced the length of this edition, while in-depth and well-framed discussion builds on the pedagogical integrity and scholarly approach of previous editions.
This edition includes new material on recent evolutions in the law governing liability for misfeasance in public office and the negligence/extra-contractual liability of statutory authorities. A new chapter addresses the duty to consult and accommodate aboriginal peoples, while chapters on procedural fairness and substantive review have been reconfigured to follow a step-by-step analytical approach, enhanced with discussion of historical background and context. This edition incorporates post-Dunsmuir jurisprudence and rulings, examining the impact Dunsmuir has had on substantive review and appellate court decisions, as well as discussing relevant, seminal cases.
Ideal for professors who adopt the case-analysis approach to teaching administrative law, this respected casebook is the most current and authoritative learning resource currently available for Canadian law students.

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