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Ethical & Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing 4th Edition

by Margaret Keatings (Author), Pamela Adams (Author) ISBN-13: 978-1771721776 ISBN-10: 1771721774 Publisher : Mosby Canada; 4th edition (August 16, 2019) Language: : English FORMAT:EPUB + CONVERTED PDF
Brand: Nursing
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Prepare for practice with the essential text dedicated to Canadian legal and ethical issues! Focused solely on the ever-changing, and often complex health care landscape in Canada, Ethical & Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing 4th, Edition expertly covers the often intertwined ethical and legal issues that health care professionals face today. This fourth edition includes discussion points at the end of every chapter along with tables and illustrations to help you fully comprehend the material. Plus, the clear and straightforward writing style presents information just as you will encounter it in your day-to-day practice, ensuring you’re even more prepared to make an impact from the start!

Greater number of Case scenarios encourage critical thinking, discussion, and debate among you and fellow students or among practitioners and colleagues.
The latest legislation, nursing standards, guidelines, references, trends, principles, theories and models.
Critical Thinking: Discussion Points at the end of every chapter test your comprehension of the material.
Clear and straightforward writing style presents information in the way that you will encounter ethical and legal issues in day-to-day practice.
Key terms are indicated in bold type and are further defined and explained in the Glossary.
NEW! Thoroughly updated and expanded coverage of top-of mind ethical and legal topics concerning mental illness, vulnerable populations, refugees, LGBTQ persons, advancing technologies, social media, violence in the workplace, regulatory management of entry to practice, the scope of various categories of nurses, Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), social justice, and much more!
NEW! Revised coverage of the Canadian judicial system and the role of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms includes discussion of professional liability insurance concerns, new discussion of the trial process in relation to medical malpractice and negligence claims, review of current case law regarding consent and Indigenous rights, and more.
NEW! Additional Case Scenarios, tables and figures help to illustrate complex topics and pertinent concepts.
NEW! UNIQUE! Revised 2017 CNA Code of Ethics incorporated into text
NEW! Cross-country examples of regulatory and legal issues cover a large number of provinces and territories.
NEW! Redesigned text layout improves text readability and visual appeal.

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Margaret Keatings, RN (Retired), MHSc

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Ethical & Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing 4th Edition

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