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Cariology for the Nineties 1st Edition

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Authors: Bowen, William H.
Publication: University of Rochester Press
Year: 1993
ISBN: 9781878822178, 9780585293820
Format: PDF

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Dental caries, despite significant reductions in some populations,continues to be a major public health problem, and is the most prevalentdisease affecting humans. However, even fundamental aspects of thepathogenesis of caries remain uncertain, calling for continuing scientific enquiry and the application of sophisticated techniques, from epidemiology to molecular biology. Although recent changes in the pattern of dental caries are identifiable, available data does not reveal whether, overall, caries is declining. The conference `Cariology in the Nineties’, held at the University of Rochester in 1991, by focusing on the etiology, pathogenesis and prevention of dental caries, emphasised the need to co-ordinate research in monitoring populations worldwide, and to change the focus of research to reflect the changing epidemiology and patterns of dental disease. Contents: Keynote address; Epidemiolgy; Saliva; Teeth; Clinical studies; Microbiology/Plaque; Diet/Nutrition/Prevention.BR> W.H. BOWEN is Professor and Chair, Department of Dental Research,University of Rochester. LAWRENCE A. TABAK is Professor of Dental Research and of Biochemistry, University of Rochester.

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