Practical Pediatric Urology: An Evidence-Based Approach 1st ed.

ISBN-13: 978-3030540197 ISBN-10: 3030540197 Publisher : Springer; 1st ed. 2021 edition (December 18, 2020) Language: : English FORMAT:ORIGINAL PDF read more in description

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This book provides a case based approach to the problems faced within pediatric urology and an evidence based approach to their solutions. Chapters on urodynamics, external genitalia, the upper urinary tract, the lower urinary tract, and office pediatric urology are included.

Practical Pediatric Urology aims to utilise real life scenarios to improve data analysis, diagnosis, and treatment decisions within clinical settings. Key learning objectives are included to enable medical professionals to assimilate, synthesise, and formulate a management plan for pediatric urological conditions encountered in clinical practice in a safe and evidence based approach.

This book is relevant to pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, pediatric urologists and adult urologists who undertake some pediatric urology practice.
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