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Title: Practical Conscious Sedation (Quintessentials of Dental Pracitce; Oral Surgery And Oral Medicine) 1st Edition

Authors: Craig, David; Skelley, Meg
Publication: Quintessenz Verlag
Year: 2002
ISBN: 9781850970705, 9781850973119
Format: PDF

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Craig (special care dentistry, GKT Dental Institute, UK) and Skelly (dental sedation, DKT Dental Institute) overview the pharmacology and principles of safe dental sedation practice, basic physiology and anatomy of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, standards of good practice, and medicolegal considerations. For the practitioner reluctant to make conscious sedation available, the book provides knowledge and guidance to expand the range of methods for the control of pain and anxiety. For the dental team already providing unconscious sedation, the book gives advice on good practice and safety. Color photos are included. Annotation ©2004 Book News,

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