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2016 Fifth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

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Available in HD Streaming 18 hours of operative video. 2016.

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10 Master Rhinoplasty Surgeons Performing Live Surgery!
Join global rhinoplasty experts in the operating room as they perform live surgery as part of the 2016 Fifth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course. Each case includes full preoperative review of the patient’s presenting problem and the surgical plan, and step-by-step operative technique. Viewers are sure to benefit from the Q&A between the surgeon and experts and the audience, enhancing the educational value of this video library.

Primary, female: short nose/hyperprojected; Jay Calvert, MD
Primary, female: long/hyperprojected/drooping/deviated/alar malposition; Nuri Celik, MD
Secondary, female: multiple deformities of tip-dorsum (rib); Nazim Cerkes, M
Primary, female: large/hyperprojected/significant hump/bulbous tip; Richard Davis, MD
Primary, male: post-traumatic/severe deviation; Charles East, MD
Secondary, male: post-traumatic/post-septoplasty; Hossam Foda, MD
Primary, female: deviated/asymmetric bones/hump; Olivier Gerbault, MD
Secondary, male: severe saddling/wide/tip collapse (rib); Wolfgang Gubisch, MD
Secondary, female: saddle/overshortened/destructured tip; Yong Ju Jang, MD
Primary, female: hypoprojected/drooping tip/hump/bulbous tip; Enrico Robotti, MD

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