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Applied Anatomy of the Face for Filler and Botulinum

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Available in HD streaming. A detailed anatomic description and HD quality cadaver dissection video! 2019.
The demand for both surgical and noninvasive procedures to rejuvenate the face is increasing. To safely and effectively perform surgery or inject neuromodulators and fillers, the practitioner must have a thorough knowledge of surface anatomy and the structures underneath the skin surface.

The surface anatomy of the face can be thought of in graph analogy as the x and y, while the underlying layered anatomy is analogous to the z vector. During an injection, the practitioner must have knowledge of the z vector, while only having to observe and palpate the x and y. When performing surgery, the facial aesthetic surgeon needs a thorough knowledge of the position and course of all neurovascular structures to avoid injury.

This video atlas will demonstrate the common anatomic relationships of the face. The layered anatomy of the face will be outlined, as will the typical position of important fat pads, ligaments, muscles, and neurovascular structures. Applied anatomy as related to surgical and injectable procedures will be highlighted so that the viewer will be able to maximize procedure efficiency and minimize untoward complications.

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Table of Contents:
General principles for injections and overview of facial anatomy
Tear trough
Chin and jowl
Lateral face
Eyebrow and upper eyelid
Upper lateral neck
Facial artery and vein

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