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Dosage Calculations 5th edition

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Dosage Calculations 5th edition PDF

  • Print ISBN: 9780176912260, 0176912266
  • Print ISBN: 9780176912260, 0176912266
  • eText ISBN: 9780176912345, 0176912347
  • eText ISBN: 9780176912345, 0176912347
    • Edition: 5th

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Dosage Calculations, is the best-selling Dosage Calculation text in the Canadian market. This has been designed to help students or professionals who feel uncomfortable with mathematics and want to improve their ability to perform accurate drug dosage calculations. It features a three-step approach to basic and advanced Formula Method calculations that nursing and other health care professionals prefer, along with a reader-friendly writing style and handy “work text” format. Color photos of actual medication labels and full-size syringes add realistic dimension to the readings, while the MindTap online resource provides tutorials, animations, gradable homework and more than 1,000 extra practice problems to help readers test their knowledge of the material.

By: Gloria D. Pickar, EdD, RN, Amy Pickar Abernethy, MD, Beth Swart, Myrna Davis, Janet O’Connell

Publisher: Cengage Learning Canada Inc.

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