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Minimally Invasive Cancer Management

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Authors: Frederick L. Greene,B. Todd Heniford
Publication: Springer; 1 edition (March 14, 2013)
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780387987101
Format: EPUB

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As minimal access approaches to cancer diagnosis, staging, and therapy become more widely used, it is vital for general surgeons, along with laparoscopists, surgical oncologists and medical oncologists, to stay up to date. The editors, a team consisting of a renowned surgical oncologist and a laparoscopic specialist, aim to provide a resource for the practicing general surgeon using basic minimally invasive techniques. The book discusses diagnosis including biopsy with microinstrumentation, staging, and palliative and curative resection. Specific tumor sites are addressed, including esophagus, stomach, spleen, small bowel, pancreato-biliary, hepatic resection, and colo-rectal resection. Minimally invasive approaches to the thoracic and retroperitoneal areas are included. The book provides a thorough overview of basic cancer biology, instrumentation, and ultrasound. Additionally, Greene and Heniford explore controversial issues such as port-site recurrence and the effect of pneumoperitoneum on the spread of cancer cells in the abdomen. Many photographs and line drawings, including 16 in full color, illustrate the principles discussed in the text.
A must-have for every practicing general surgeon, laparoscopic fellow, and general surgery resident.

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