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Pathology Review and Practice Guide 3rd Edition

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Pathology Review and Practice Guide – E-Book – PDF 3rd Edition
Authors: Zu-hua Gao
Publication: Brush Education (eBOUND)
Year: 2023
ISBN: 9781550599169, 9781550599183
Format: EPUB + Converted PDF
Language: English

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Pathology Review and Practice Guide – E-Book – PDF

Preface to the Third Edition
Pathology practice has been changing rapidly, and so is our training model and curriculum.
Firstly, since the publication of the second edition, next-generation sequencing of common tumors has become routine practice in most pathology centers. Many tumors are now classified based on their molecular genetic profile and many new molecular markers have become available for targeted therapy.

Secondly, whole slide imaging and digital pathology have been adopted across a range of contexts, from education and research, to limited clinical use in frozen section and consultation, to full application in routine sign out of surgical cases.The COVID-19 pandemic has further cascaded the implementation of digital pathology due to its convenience of remote sign out and communication. Completely supervised,
partially supervised, and even unsupervised artificial intelligence technology has started to find its way into pathology diagnosis.

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9781550599169, 9781550599183


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