Plastic Surgery The Meeting On Demand 2018

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Plastic Surgery The Meeting OnDemand 2018 Topics And Speakers: 0 to 100 in 2 Hours: Master 6 Workhouse Flaps 7th ISPRES Congress –


Plastic Surgery The Meeting OnDemand 2018 Topics And Speakers: 0 to 100 in 2 Hours: Master 6 Workhouse Flaps 7th ISPRES Congress – International Society of Plastic & Regenerative Surgeons – Day 1 7th ISPRES Congress DAY 2 ABC of Closing a Cleft Lip ACAPS Panel Adding Hair Restoration to Your Practice Advanced Microsurgical Approaches to Lower Extremity Advanced Techniques in Abdominoplasty Advanced Techniques in Liposuction Aesthetic Surgery of Male Genitalia ALCL: Updates and How I’ve Changed My Practice ASMS Converse Lecture ASPS Greatest Hits: The Best Scientific Presentations of State, Regional, Aesthetica, Hot Topics, and the Guest Nation ASPS President’s Panel Balance Between You, Your Family, and Your Career Basics of Plastic Surgery Coding Course Beating Burnout Panel Body Contouring in Men Body Lift Breast Augmentation Breast Augmentation and Chest Surgery in Gender Breast Coding Breast ERAS Breast Reduction Burnout Throughout Your Career Burns CADAVER: Alloplastic Microtia Repair CADAVER: Anatomy and Clinical Correlation CADAVER: Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy CADAVER: Buttock Fat Grafting CADAVER: Comprehensive Facial Paralysis Surgical Techniques CADAVER: Fibula Osteocutanous Flap CADAVER: Fundamentals of Functional Rhinoplasty CADAVER: Fundamentals of Ossointergrated Dental Implants CADAVER: Libiaplasty Challenging Blepharoplasty Closed Incision Negative Presure Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Comprehensive Abdominoplasty Comprehensive Buttock Rejuvenation Comprehensive Rhinoplasty Anatomy Comprehensive Techniques in Female Genital Rejuvenation Contemporary Reconstruction of Scalp Controversites in Abdominoplasty CPT Coding Pearls Cranial and Midface Distraction Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Digit and Wrist Injury Treatment and Outcomes Don’t Kiss on the First Date Dupuytren’s Contracture DVT Prophylaxis in Body Contouring Procedures Embracing Failure: What I have killed Embracing Stress: Tools for Development Resilience Enhancing Your Facial Aesthetic Outcomes Extensor Tendon Repair Eyelid Ptosis Correction Facelift and Fat Injection Facelift: How Deep, How Wide Facial Reanimation Outcomes Fat Grafting: Where and How Much Following the Money Foundations of Congenital Hand Surgery Friend or Foe: Combining Practices with Derms Fund. Of Cranio Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Fundamentals of Cleft Palate Repair Gender Confirmation Surgeries: Standards of Care Getting to the Bottom of Gender Confirming Surgery Guest Nation Panel: Insights from Italy Hand Therapy Head and Neck Reconstruction with Pedicled Flaps Hot Off The Press How to Improve and Expand What you Do With Minimal Pain Implant Options Iron Surgeon Late Career Practice Boot Camp Lateral Epicondylitis/Radial Tunnel Syndrome Lip Reconstruction Following Tumor Resection Maliniac Lecture Management of Complex Ped Cranio Management of Ptosis and Hypertrophic Breasts Management of Secondary Cleft Deformities Management of the Abdominial Wall in Abdominoplasty Mandible Fracture Treatment Mastery of Cleft Rhinoplasty Maximizing Safety in Body Contouring Mentoring In the Midst of #MeToo Metacarpal Fractures Minimally Invasive Forehead Lift Minimizing Secondary Rhinoplasties Moh’s Defects Neck Lift, Open Closed… New! The Science and Art of Implant-Based Breast Recon New! Addressing Postoperative Asymmetries AFTER New! Addressing Preoperative Asymmetries PRIOR New! Alternatives to Abdominal-based Flaps New! Antibiotic and Antiseptic Irrigating Solutions New! Autologous Breast Recon New! Concepts in Fat Grafting New! Congenital Breast Anomalies New! Ensuring Success in NSM New! Establishing a Rural Practice New! Informing Patients of their BIA-ALCL Risk New! Lymphedema After Breast Cancer New! Lymphedema: Operative vs. Non-Operative New! Making Breast Recon Great Again New! Male Breast Aesthetics New! Management of Asymmetries after Breast Conservation Tx New! Maximizing Aesthetic Pedicaled Flaps New! Melanoma: Treatment and Surgical Recon New! MWL Breast: How I Marked That New! Non-Invasive/Minimally-invasive Breast Modalities New! Non-Surgical Facelift and Neck Lift New! Oncoplastic Surgery for Lumpectomy Recon New! Optimization and Decision -Making in Ab Wall New! Optimizing Aesthetic in Free Flap Breast Recon New! Radiated Breast Recon New! Reconstruction of Spine and Pelvis New! Reducing Infectous Complications in Exander ADM New! Restoring Beauty of the Eyebrow New! Solutions for the 7 Most Troubling Problems New! Structural Support in Mastopexy Non-Microvascular Reconstruction Non-Surgical Fat Removal Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Office Efficiencies in Hand Surgery Opioids in Your Practice Optimal Time of Cleft Repair Optimizing Results in Body Contouring PA Utilization in Plastic Surgery Pain Management after Breast and Body Pedicled Perforator Flaps Peri-Oral Rejuv Phalangeal Fractures: When to Pin, When to do ORIF Photography Pioneering Craniofacial Surgery and the Role of Simulation Surgery Prediction of Body Shape with Biomechanical Techniques Preparing Your Practice for Sale to a Private Equity Group Prepec Dueling Perspectives Pre-pectoral Breast Reconstruction: Expanding your practice to more challenging patients Preventing VTE Prevention and Management of Complications after Abdominioplasty PSF President’s Panel Q and Beyond: What is the Future for PROs? Raising the Bar in Rhinoplasty Recent Advances in Simulation Surgery: Current and Future Applications Reconstruct Your Elective Practice Repair of Complicated Ventral Hernias Replant Revisited Resident Abstracts – Aesthetic 1 Resident Abstracts – Aesthetic 2 Resident Abstracts – Aesthetic 3 Resident Abstracts – Breast Recon 1 Resident Abstracts – Breast Recon 2 Resident Abstracts – Breast Recon 3 Resident Abstracts – Breast Recon 4 Resident Abstracts – Breast Recon 5 Resident Abstracts – Breast Recon 6 Resident Abstracts – Hand 1 Resident Abstracts – Hand 2 Resident Abstracts – Maxillofacial 1 Resident Abstracts – Maxillofacial 2 Resident Abstracts – Pediatric 1 Resident Abstracts – Recon 2 Resident Abstracts – Recon 3 Resident Abstracts – Recon 5 Resident Abstracts – Recon 6 Resident Abstracts – Recon1 Resident Abstracts – Research Resident Abstracts – Research 2 Resident Abstracts – Research 3 Rhinoplasty, Salient Points, Tips, and Traps Risky Anesthesia Scalp Reconstruction After Neurosurgery Scientific Abstracts – Practice Management Scientific Abstracts – Recon 2 Scientific Abstracts – Aesthetic 1 Scientific Abstracts – Aesthetic 2 Scientific Abstracts – Aesthetic 3 Scientific Abstracts – Aesthetic 4 Scientific Abstracts – Breast 1 Scientific Abstracts – Cranio 1 Scientific Abstracts – Cranio 2 Scientific Abstracts – Cranio 3 Scientific Abstracts – Cranio 4 Scientific Abstracts – Cranio 5 Scientific Abstracts – Hand 1 Scientific Abstracts – Hand 2 Scientific Abstracts – Recon 1 Scientific Abstracts – Recon 3 Scientific Abstracts – Research and Tech 1 Scientific Abstracts – Research and Tech 2 Scientific Abstracts – Research and Tech 3 Scientific Abstracts – Surgical Pearls Shared Decision Making Small Joint Arthroscopy Social Media Strategies for 2019 Spanish Session: The Best of Latin-American Plastic Surgery – Day 1 Spanish Session: The Best of Latin-American Plastic Surgery – Day 2 Starting a New Successful Aesthetic Practice Staying Sane – Spousal Strategies for Surgeon Partners Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Techniques and Outcomes of Advanced Cranio Techniques in Brachioplasty Technology and Liposuction Tendon Transfers The Business End: Incorporating Gender The Devil’s in the Details The Good, Bad, and Ugly – How to Fix Your Own Complications in Aesthetic Breast Thigh Lift Threads Use in Facelift Thumb Recon Tips for Success in Flexor Tendon, Finger Fracture, Dupuytren, and WALNAT Tips, Tricks, and Tools Behind Effective SEO Treatment of Facial Paralysis Trustee’s Panel Tumors of the Hand Understanding Rhinoplasty in 2 Hours Use of Virtual Planning in Cranio Use of VSP and 3D Printing in Adult Head and Neck Surgery Vascular Anomalies Vascular Disorders What You Don’t Know About Communication That Could Help Work/Life Balance Wrist Pain WSSS Free Paper Session YPS Fresh Faces


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