Rob & Smith’s Operative Pediatric Surgery 8th edition

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The eighth edition of the acclaimed text Operative Pediatric Surgery continues to provide a unique level of comprehensive detail on the full range of surgically treatable conditions presented in neonate and childhood as well as in utero. With an international list of authors, the chapters have been updated and complemented by the high-quality artwork that has established this operative guide as the standard reference for the pediatric surgeon. A new team of editors provides authoritative coverage of both laparoscopic and other surgical approaches to every area of pediatric surgery. An e-version with video clips further enhances this definitive resource.

• ensures authoritative coverage of all aspects of pediatric surgery

•includes the latest operative techniques

•reviews alternative surgical approaches

•aids visualisation by the inclusion of over 1000 illustrations

•establishes total confidence

Table of Contents


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1. Vascular access

Marcus D. Jarboe and Ronald B. Hirschl


2. Head and neck surgery

Jeffrey W. Gander
3. Tracheostomy

Kate Stephenson and Michelle Wyatt


4. Bronchoscopy

Marcus D. Jarboe and James D. Geiger

5. Esophageal dilatation

Jennifer Billington and Niyi Ade-Ajayi

6. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Colin G. DeLong, Afif N. Kulaylat, Eric M. Pauli, and Robert E. Cilley

7. Colonoscopy

Ian D. Sugarman and Jonathan R. Sutcliffe


8. Principles of thoracic surgery

Shaun M. Kunisaki and James D. Geiger

9. Esophageal atresia: Open and thoracoscopic approaches

Shaun M. Kunisaki and Steven S. Rothenberg

10. Esophageal replacement with colon

Naziha Khen-Dunlop, Carmen Capito, Christophe Chardot, and Yann Révillon

11. Esophageal replacement with transposition of the stomach

Paolo De Coppi

12. Esophageal replacement with jejunal interposition

David C. van der Zee

13. Congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Erin E. Perrone and George B. Mychaliska

14. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Thomas Pranikoff and Ronald B. Hirschl

15. Eventration of the diaphragm

Colin G. DeLong, Afif N. Kulaylat, and Robert E. Cilley

16. Principles of lung surgery

Saleem Islam, James D. Geiger, Steven S. Rothenberg, and Shaun M. Kunisaki

17. Empyema

Joseph Sujka and Shawn D. St Peter

18. Chylothorax

Shaun M. Kunisaki

19. Mediastinal masses

Brent R. Weil and Robert C. Shamberger

20. Chest wall deformities

Robert E. Kelly Jr, Marcelo Martinez-Ferro, and Horacio Abramson

21. Patent ductus arteriosus

Aaron R. Jensen and James E. Stein

22. Thoracoscopic sympathectomy

Asher Pressman

23. Thymectomy

Steven S. Rothenberg


24. Inguinal hernia, hydrocele, and other hernias of the abdominal wall

Sophia Abdulhai and Todd A. Ponsky

25. Exomphalos/omphalocele

Mark Davenport and Anna-May Long

26. Gastroschisis

Marshall Z. Schwartz and Shaheen J. Timmapuri

27. Abdominal surgery: General principles of access

Nigel J. Hall and Katherine A. Barsness

28. Fundoplication

Douglas C. Barnhart and Robert A. Cina

29. Total esophagogastric dissociation

Riccardo Coletta and Antonino Morabito

30. Achalasia

Timothy D. Kane and Benno Ure

31. Gastrostomy

Alejandra M. Casar Berazaluce, Aaron P. Garrison, and Todd A. Ponsky

32. Pyloromyotomy

Nigel J. Hall

33. Bariatric surgery

Lindel C.K. Dewberry and Thomas H. Inge

34. Duodenal atresia and stenosis

Afif N. Kulaylat, Colin G. Delong, Simon Clarke, and Robert E. Cilley

35. Malrotation

Simon Blackburn, Joseph I. Curry, and Bhanumathi Lakshminarayanan

36. Congenital atresia and stenosis of the intestine

Sharon G. Cox, Alastair J.W. Millar, and Alp Numanoglu

37. Meconium ileus

Robert J. Vandewalle and Frederick J. Rescorla

38. Vitellointestinal (omphalomesenteric) duct anomalies

Spencer W. Beasley

39. Duplications of the alimentary tract

Stig Sømme and Jacob C. Langer

40. Intussusception

Melanie Hiorns and Joseph I. Curry

41. Appendectomy

Mikko P. Pakarinen

42. Necrotizing enterocolitis

Nigel J. Hall

43. Anorectal malformation

Marc A. Levitt and Richard J. Wood

44. Cloaca

Andrea Bischoff and Alberto Peña

45. Laparoscopic surgery and imaging-directed surgery for anorectal malformation

Matthew W. Ralls and Marcus D. Jarboe

46. The Malone antegrade continence enema

Henrik Steinbrecher

47. Hirschsprung disease

Matthew W. Ralls and Arnold G. Coran

48. Inflammatory bowel disease

Aimee G. Kim, Samir K. Gadepalli, and James D. Geiger

49. Rectal polyps

Joseph L. Lelli Jr

50. Acquired anorectal disorders: Prolapse, fistula, and hemorrhoids

Michael Stanton

51. Colostomy formation and closure

Yew-Wei Tan and Joseph I. Curry

52. Surgery of short bowel syndrome: Longitudinal intestinal lengthening and tailoring and serial transverse enteroplasty

Riccardo Coletta, Sam M. Han, Charles R. Hong, Antonino Morabito, and Tom Jaksic

53. Surgery of portal hypertension

Caroline Lemoine and Riccardo A. Superina

54. Cholecystectomy

Mark Davenport

55. Surgery for biliary atresia: Open and laparoscopic

Mark Davenport and Atsuyuki Yamataka

56. Choledochal malformation

Mark Davenport and Nguyen Thanh Liem

57. Splenectomy

Marcus D. Jarboe and Steven W. Bruch


58. Liver resection

Rebecka L. Meyers, Zachary J. Kastenberg, and Max R. Langham

59. Wilms’ tumor

Kevin Cao, Denis A. Cozzi, and Peter M. Cuckow

60. Neuroblastoma

Andrew M. Davidoff

61. Rhabdomyosarcoma

Gideon Sandler and Andrea Hayes-Jordan

62. Sacrococcygeal teratoma

Agostino Pierro, Miguel Guelfland, and Annika Mutanen


63. Thyroidectomy

Steven W. Bruch

64. Pancreatectomy for hyperinsulinism

N. Scott Adzick and Pablo Laje

65. Adrenalectomy

Mikael Petrosyan and Timothy D. Kane


66. Cystourethroscopy

John M. Park

67. Ureteropelvic junction obstruction

Lauren E. Corona and Kate H. Kraft

68. Nephrectomy and partial nephrectomy

Imran Mushtaq, Alberto Mantovani, and Judy Hung Wing Suet

69. Vesicoureteric reflux: Open and minimally invasive treatment

Aurelien Scalabre, Delphine Demède, and Pierre Mouriquand

70. Ureteric duplication

Sarah L. Hecht and Duncan T. Wilcox

71. Urinary diversion

Prasad Godbole

72. Renal calculi

Eleni Papageorgiou and Naima Smeulders

73. Posterior urethral valves

Fardod O’Kelly and Martin A. Koyle

74. Hypospadias

Bryan S. Sack and John M. Park

75. Orchidopexy

John M. Hutson

76. Testicular torsion

Feilim L. Murphy

77. Circumcision, meatotomy, meatoplasty, and preputioplasty

Rachel Harwood and Simon E. Kenny

78. Varicocele

Charlotte V. Melling, David J.B. Keene, and Raimondo M. Cervellione

79. Bladder exstrophy and epispadias

Peter M. Cuckow and Kevin Cao

80. Surgical treatment of disorders of sexual development

Rafael V. Pieretti and Patricia K. Donahoe

81. Ovarian cyst and tumors

Bryan J. Dicken and Deborah F. Billmire


82. Burns and burn surgery

Heinz Rode and Roux Martinez

83. Thoracic trauma

Jerome Loveland and Nirav Patel

84. Abdominal trauma

Steven Stylianos and Mark V. Mazziotti


85. Vascular anomalies

Eileen M. Duggan and Steven J. Fishman

86. Fetal surgery

Emily A. Partridge and Alan W. Flake

87. Kidney transplantation

John Magee

88. Liver transplantation

Caroline Lemoine and Riccardo A. Superina

89. Intestinal transplantation

Jang Moon and Kishore Iyer

90. Interventional radiology

Derek J. Roebuck

91. Exposure for spinal surgery

Steven W. Bruch

92. Surgery of conjoined twins

Lewis Spitz, Edward M. Kiely, and Agostino Pierro


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