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Test exam in Anesthesia: Complete edition (includes volumes 1 and 2) (Study program through tests in anesthesia Book 3)


Authors: José Ramón Ortiz Gómez
Publication: Independently Published
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9798669609399, 9798669916855
Format: EPUB + Converted PDF
Language: English

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All doctors frequently need to prove their knowledge, often by taking a test-type examination. Mastering this technique or not can have a considerable impact on their professional career.
We present a complete anesthesiology study plan through an exhaustive selection of multiple-choice test questions with variable difficulty adjustment. The latest most important bibliographic references in our specialty have been reviewed in order to elaborate the different questions.
This book is the complete edition (includes volumes 1 and 2) and will only be published as eBook. Printed and electronic version of volumes 1 and 2 are also available.
Review and evaluate your knowledge with 3837 questions about physiology, pharmacology, preoperative evaluation, monitoring, perioperative medicine, anesthesia for different types of surgery, PACU, critical care, complications, pain, anesthetic management, safety and teaching in anesthesia.
The authors hope you find them useful.

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