The Administrative Dental Assistant 3rd Edition

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Authors: Gaylor, Linda J
Publication: Elsevier Health Sciences
Year: 2011
ISBN: 9781437713626, 9780323291194
Format: PDF


Dental Assistant, 3rd Edition. This comprehensive textbook delivers all the latest information and skill practice you need to succeed in the paperless era: technology, forms, and equipment in use today; up-to-date coding information; HIPAA and OSHA guidelines; functions of the dental business office; communication and critical thinking exercises; and in-depth instruction for completing common tasks such as scheduling, bookkeeping, electronic record regulations and insurance coding. A companion workbook and online tools offer interactive games, identification exercises, daily task simulations, and practice management software to supplement your text learning, polish your skills, and prime you for a successful career in the modern dental office.

Comprehensive coverage and interactive exercises teach you all the skills and content you need to succeed as an administrative dental assistant in today’s dental office.
Trusted author Linda Gaylor lends years of experience as a practicing dental assistant, instructor of dental assisting, and curriculum director.
Friendly, readable writing style presents need-to-know content in a way that is easy to grasp.
Logical organization helps you build a solid foundation in the dental and administrative basics before moving on to more complex duties.
HIPAA boxes keep you well-versed in the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
Procedure boxes provide step-by-step instructions on a wide variety of dental office duties.
Remember boxes summarize chapter content and call your attention to key points in ADA practice.
Anatomy of images explain the idea or rationale behind common dental office equipment and administrative tasks.
Patient file folder gives you experience with proper handling of confidential documents.
Critical Thinking questions help you recall and relate information learned within the chapter.
Art program showcases images of electronic and traditional paperwork, actual offices, equipment, and technology to help reinforce the text.
Bolded vocabulary terms and glossary give you a foundation for effective office communication.
Key points summarize chapter concepts and help ensure you understand important material before moving on.
Learning objectives set goals for what you will accomplish and serve as a checkpoint for your comprehension and as an exam study tool.
Chapter outlines organize content, set the stage for the chapter, and can also be used as a review resource.
Summary tables and boxes condense text discussions in an easy-to-read or visual format.
Web links provide additional sources of information on any given topic.
Bibliography allows you to easily find sources for further information on any of the text topics.
Colorful textbook design organizes the text’s content and features and helps engage you in the material.
Companion workbook (sold separately) includes a variety of practice exercises, games, and the latest practice management software to refine your understanding of administrative dental assisting skills and tasks.
Student Resources on Evolve website feature additional online games, exercises, and resources to enhance your learning beyond the book.
NEW! New content keeps you at the forefront of the processes and procedures in today’s paperless dental office.
NEW! Online simulation tool provides realistic practice in the foundational tasks you need to work as an administrative dental assistant.
NEW! Additional illustrations and photographs familiarize you with new technology and the benefits of dental practice management software.
NEW! What Would You Do? feature boxes depict common situations dental assistants face in the workplace.


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