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Weight loss: Lap Band Surgery: Follow my First 30 Days No Bs Version

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Authors: Kim Browne
Year: 2015
Format: EPUB

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My First 30 Days With A Lap Band
This book is above taking control of your weight and find a way of solving your issues

Are you considering the Risks involved in this type of surgery
Are you considering what the preparation should be for this operation

Are you considering what happens after the operation

Follow My Own Personal Journey

Follow me through each and every day whilst dealing with my New Lap Band

You also get to keep my own Personal Protein recipes that will assist you

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“If you are considering getting weight loss surgery, this is a good primer for you. It details one woman’s experiences before, during and after surgery. She includes information about pre-surgery dieting and prep for surgery, as well as post-surgery diets, and lots of recipes. I think that is probably one of the toughest parts about weight loss surgery – figuring out what you can eat after it is done.

I think the most beneficial part for prospective surgery candidates is the personal experiences that the author relates. You get a sense of what to expect in terms of pain, the difficulties of the diet, and potential frustrations or complications that can arise around the surgery. The author is based in the UK and got the surgery in France, so the experience might be a little different if you are based in another part of the world, but in all, a good, personal guide to the weight loss surgery world.”

By Jonesy

By Kim L. on September 25, 2015

Verified Purchase

This is a really useful guide. I have a couple of friends who have done this, or are about to do so, and a guide like this, that tells you all about what it felt like, from a personal perspective, as well as providing some of the ‘official information’ would have been really helpful for them to know what to expect. There is also great information here on foods, and recipes, to help with your planning.

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