2018 American Society of Head and Neck Radiology

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Topics And Speakers: 01. Are You Ready for the MOC Unknown Head & Neck Case Review Part 2.mp4 02. Accountable Care Organization Impact on Radiology Practice.mp4 03. ASHNR Presidential Address – Head & Neck Radiology Past, Present, and Future.mp4 04. Practical Approach for the Brachial Plexus Pathology.mp4 05. Avoiding Errors in Head and Neck Cancer Imaging A Personal Journey.mp4 06. Imaging of Ocular and Orbital Injuries.mp4 07. Carotid Dissection, Compression and Blow Out – Diagnosis and Management.mp4 08. Pediatric Emergencies.mp4 09. Opportunistic Infections in the Immunocompromised Patient.mp4 10. Otosclerosis and Dysplasia of the Temporal Bone – Short Presentation.mp4 11. Complications of Dental Implants What To Look For.mp4 12. Imaging of Jaw Lesions.mp4 13. Are You Ready for the MOC Unknown Head & Neck Case Review Part 1.mp4 14. Diffusion and Perfusion Imaging of Head & Neck.mp4 15. High Resolution Extracranial Nerve Imaging.mp4 16. Low Dose CT for the Head & Neck.mp4 17. Surveillance Imaging PET CT vs. CTMR.mp4 18. Parathyroid Imaging 4D CT vs. Sestamibi and CTMR.mp4 19. Maxillofacial Fractures and Complications.mp4 20. Craniofacial Resection What the Surgeons Need To Know.mp4 21. Sinonasal Neoplasm Imaging and Implications for Treatment.mp4 22. Sinonasal Cavities Anatomic Landmarks, Drainage Pathways, and Variants.mp4 23. Evaluation of the Post Treatment Neck.mp4 24. The Art of Detecting PNTS What To Look For.mp4 25. Laryngeal Anatomy and Pathology.mp4 26. Skull Base Tumors.mp4 27. How to Image the Patient with CSF Leak.mp4 28. Skull Base Anatomy, Anatomic Variants, and Don’t Touch Me Lesions.mp4 29. Imaging of Temporal Bone Infection and Inflammation.mp4 30. SNHL and Imaging Workup for Cochlear Implantation.mp4 31. Temporal Bone Anatomy.mp4 32. PET-CT and PET-MR in Head & Neck Cancer.mp4 33. Imaging of Oral Cavity Cancer.mp4 34. Imaging of Oropharynx Cancer and Implications for Treatment.mp4 35. Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Patterns of Spread.mp4 36. Vascular Lesions of the Head & Neck.mp4 37. Pediatric Ocular Lesions and Orbital Masses.mp4 38. Evaluation of Hoarseness.mp4 39. Evaluation of Tinnitus.mp4 40. Evaluation of Facial Paralysis.mp4 41. Evaluation of Facial Pain.mp4 42. Evaluation of Double Vision.mp4 43. Imaging of Cervical Lymph Nodes.mp4 44. Infrahyoid Neck and Thoracic Inlet.mp4 45. SHN Anatomy II Spaces that Cross the Hyoid Divide – Carotid, Retropharyngeal, and Perivertebral Spaces.mp4 46. SHN Anatomy I Parapharyngeal, Masticator & Parotid Spaces.mp4 47. Imaging of the Thyroid Mass.mp4 48. Salivary Gland Tumors.mp4 49. MRIMRA Fusion Imaging for Vascular Loop Compression Syndromes.mp4

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