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Course Director:

• Artur Zembowicz, MD, PhD

Tufts University (Boston, MA)


• Nooshin Brinster, MD – New York University (New York, NY)

• Loren Clarke, MD – Myriad Genetics Laboratories (Salt Lake City, UT)

• Pedram Gerami, MD – Northwestern University (Chicago, IL)

• Joyce Lee, MD – National Skin Centre (Singapore)

• Stephen R. Lyle, MD, PhD – UMASS (Boston, MA)

• Phillip H. McKee, MB, MD, FRCPath – Boussais, France

• Sonia Toussaint, MD – Mexico City, Mexico

• Yu-Hung Wu, MD – Mackay Medical College (Taipei, Taiwan)

Tuition: 795 USD


Lectures: Melanoma

Artur Zembowicz – Welcome and Introduction
Pedram Gerami – Proliferative nodules and melanoma arising in congenital nevi in children
Artur Zembowicz – Ophthalmic Pathology for Dermatopathologists: Focus on Conjunctival Melanocytic Tumors
Pedram Gerami – Fusion-Associated Melanocytic tumors
Artur Zembowicz – Classification and Grading of Benign Melanocytic Nevi: Why Size 4 mm Become Criterion for Diagnosis of A Dysplastic Nevus in WHO Classification of Skin Tumors and How to Avoid Missing Melanoma.
Loren Clarke – Quiz Yourself: Diagnostically Challenging Melanocytic Neoplasms with Clinical, Histopathological, and Molecular Correlations
Stephen R. Lyle – Expression Profiling in Diagnosis and Management of Melanocytic Lesions: Ready for Prime Time?

Lectures: Various Topics

Phillip McKee – Clinicopathological Correlations #1: Best Cases from McKee’s Derm Facebook Dermatopathology Social Media Group.
Nooshin Brinster – Update on Inflammatory Skin Diseases and Drug Eruptions
Phillip McKee – Low-grade sweat gland neoplasms
Yu-Hung Wu – Papulosquamous disease in children

Lectures: Alopecia

Stephen R. Lyle – Biology of Hair Follicle: Scientific Basis of Dermatopathology of Alopecia
Nooshin Brinster – What Clinician Wants From A Dermatopathologist in Evaluation of Alopecia
Joyce Lee – Evaluation of Skin Biopsies in Horizontal Sections
Steve Lyle – Scarring Alopecia
Nooshin Brinster – Pustular alopecias (psoriatic alopecia, psoriatic alopecia induced by TNF-inhibitors, syphilic alopecia, dissecting folliculitis, folliculitis decalvans, eosinophilic folliculitis)
Joyce Lee – Non-Scarring Alopecia
Sonia Toussaint – Other Alopecias
Joyce Lee – Clinicopathological Correlation in Alopecia: Different Cases
Artur Zembowicz – Alopecia For Dummies: Algorithmic Approach to Diagnosis of Alopecia

Course Overview: The objective of Dermpedia Courses is to provide the most comprehensive in-depth updates on selected topics pertinent to everyday practice of skin pathology and dermatology, and to improve attendees’ diagnostic skills. The level of instruction is designed to meet needs of experienced pathologists, dermatologists, and dermatopathologists. The course will focus on the importance of Clinicopathological Correlations and will also include optional, faculty-led seminars at a multi-headed microscope.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this activity, participants will be able to:

· Identify strategies to increase accurate diagnoses of selected dermatological entities.

· Identify classification of melanocytic tumors

· Review histological differential diagnosis of inflammatory skin conditions.

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