ABC of Dermatology (ABC Series) 7th Edition

Authors: Morris-Jones, Rachael
Publication: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Year: 2019-09-10
ISBN: 9781119488989, 9781119489009
Format: PDF
Language: English

12.00 $

ABC of Dermatology is the bestselling, practical guide for anyone involved in clinical dermatology. This fully illustrated book helps readers identify, recognise, treat, and manage the common dermatological conditions encountered in daily practice.

The seventh edition has been revised and updated to incorporate current approaches to the management of skin disease, such as the use of new biological agents for treating inflammatory disease and tumours, and new chapters on cosmetic dermatology procedures, genital dermatology and cutting-edge advances in genetics and pathophysiology.

Presents a practical approach to clinical dermatology that relates skin changes to specific skin conditions and underlying pathology
Summarises relevant pathological processes, diagnostic features, learning points, and treatment options for a range of conditions
Offers hundreds of full-colour clinical photographs that illustrate manifestations of skin disease in a multitude of diverse skin tones and ethnic groups
Covers a wide range of skin management treatments, from simple interventions to sophisticated immunotherapies
Includes insights on the increasing use of teledermatology by remote doctors
ABC of Dermatology is a must-have guide for GPs, junior doctors, medical students, and primary healthcare professionals.

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