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Authors: Mallory, Susan B.
Publication: Routledge
Year: 2019-03-04
ISBN: 9781842142462, 9781351467216
Format: PDF
Language: English

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Written by an internationally renowned researcher and teacher, this book provides a compendium of syndromes and dermatologic conditions. Completely revised and updated, the second edition includes genetic information, the genes and their loci, and the genetic linkage of certain syndromes that are now grouped with other diseases. The book retains the popular format of the first edition and includes color pictures of key syndromes from one of the major collections in the U.S. These features combine to make it an important book for office-based dermatologists who frequently see these problems in their practice and for dermatology residents who need this information to pass their boards. Describing some 716 syndromes in crisp detail with lavish color illustrations. A feature of special value is the list of carefully selected references quoted at the end of each entry to give the user ready access to definitive further reading on each syndrome. For residents and attending physicians alike, remembering and recognizing the variety of dermatologic syndromes that have been identified is a very difficult and time-consuming task. An Illustrated Dictionary of Dermatologic Syndromes provides a systematic and concise approach to the subject and is a valuable aid to both residents and attending physicians in dermatology and pediatrics. In his Foreword, Dr. Walter B. Shelley calls this, “a great book for browsing…a symphony of syndromes.”

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