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Atlas of Anatomy of the peripheral nerves: The Nerves of the Limbs – Expert Edition 1st ed. 2020 Edition by Philippe Rigoard

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  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3030491789
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This enchanting garden will exhilarate our senses, offering us its multicoloured palette, and it will distil its spices reminding
us that it is nature itself, as opposed to the artifcial elaboration of the mind, and that it is the opposite order to the well-
reasoned, the unconscious against the constructed.
Trying to decompose the morphology of a garden without altering it completely, in order to measure its beauty and savour
its meanders a little more, corresponds to the challenge of producing an anatomy atlas that is intended as innovative.
The quest of this garden is the anatomical journey that is given to you in this book. It is a journey along collateral arteries and
muscle frameworks, a journey at the core of the human body.
Anatomy is a science applied to medicine; it is a living discipline, a day-to-day reality. In the way that anatomy is currently
taught to students, the proliferation of teaching materials and platforms is too often privileged as well as the literary and theo-
retical character, even though this teaching should primarily be visual and tactile. Where the main subjects are curvatures and
reverse curvatures, it should be possible to learn how to draw them and how to feel them.
What is the use of anatomy?
Anatomy, from its morphological approach, starts straight at the physiological, radiological and even semiological knowl-
edge. It is anatomy that allows a young student in medicine to learn the distinction between “normal” and “pathological”.
From its surgical approach, anatomy will then guide the novice as the confrmed surgeon to highlight one structure or another
to realize an approach they are not used to. The anatomical basics should seal the medical skill and help the (future) doctor
to build up his knowledge of mankind.

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