Aulton’s Pharmaceutics 6th Edition ( Aultons Pharmaceutics 6th Edition pdf )

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The essential pharmaceutics textbook pdf


One of the world’s best-known texts on pharmaceutics, Aulton’s Pharmaceutics offers a complete course in one book for students in all years of undergraduate pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences degrees.


Thoroughly revised, updated and extended by experts in their fields and edited by Professors Kevin Taylor and Michael Aulton, this new edition includes the science of formulation, pharmaceutical manufacturing and drug delivery.


All aspects of pharmaceutics are covered in a clear and readily accessible way and extensively illustrated throughout, providing an essential companion to the entire pharmaceutics curriculum from day one until the end of the course.


    • Fully updated throughout, with the addition of new chapters, to reflect advances in formulation and drug delivery science, pharmaceutical manufacturing and medicines regulation



    • Designed and written for newcomers to the design and manufacture of dosage forms



    • Relevant pharmaceutical science covered throughout



    • Includes the science of formulation and drug delivery



    • Reflects current practices and future applications of formulation and drug delivery science to small drug molecules, biotechnology products and nanomedicines



  • Key points boxes throughout

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Authors: Kevin M. G. Taylor, Michael E. Aulton

Publication: Elsevier Health SciencesYear: 2021

ISBN: 9780702081545, 9780702081569

Format: Original PDF

Language: English

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