Basics of Fine Motor Skills: Developmental Activities for Kids

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Basics of Fine Motor Skills: Developmental Activities for Kids – Original PDF

Authors: Heather Greutman (Author)
Publication: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781544058337
Format: Original PDF
Language: English

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Your Guide to Fine Motor Skill Development in the Home, Classroom, or Therapy Practice. Learn all of the basics of fine motor development and get age appropriate fine motor activity suggestions for kids of all ages. In Basics of Fine Motor Skills, you’ll learn which skills are important for fine motor development, plus what fine motor development looks like in children at all age levels. Explore how gross motor, visual-motor, and sensory processing skills affect fine motor development. Plus learn what fine motor red flags to look for as your child develops. Get activity ideas and suggestions for all the different fine motor skills and also find age appropriate activities based on your child’s skills and abilities. Your go-to-guide for everything fine motor related, it’s the perfect resource for parents, teachers, and therapists.


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