Clinical Medicine for Physician Assistants 1st Edition

Clinical Medicine for Physician Assistants 1st Edition by James Van Rhee MS PA-C DFAAPA (Editor), Christine Bruce DMSc MHSA PA-C DFAAPA , Stephanie Neary MPA MMS PA-C (Editor)
Publication: Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated
Year: 2022-02-01
ISBN: 9780826182425, 9780826182432
Format: PDF
Language: English

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This groundbreaking clinical textbook designed specifically for physician assistant students was developed by PA educators to ensure that you have the exact information you need to succeed in your challenging clinical medicine courses. Designed with the unique PA curriculum in mind, Clinical Medicine for Physician Assistants addresses current ARC-PA standards, providing you with a single go-to resource for all the topics you’ll need to master.

Clinical Medicine for Physician Assistants 1st Edition

Organized by body system, this text provides the in-depth, head-to-toe foundation you’ll need as you prepare to move into clinical practice. Not only does it cover hundreds of clinical conditions, but it also provides important insights on how to manage the most common chief complaints, system by system, with useful algorithms to guide you through patient visits.

Chapters include a digestible and methodical review of conditions, including pathophysiology, etiology, history, signs and symptoms, physical exam, and diagnosis details for each. Also included are treatment options, patient education, and special considerations for various patient populations. Additionally, you’ll find key points at the end of each chapter, along with knowledge checks to help you synthesize and apply what you learned.

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