Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology 1st Edition

Authors: Hasnain Kazmi Atif; Shahbaz Aman; Muhammad Nadeem
Publication: Jaypee Brothers, Medical Publishers
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9789351526278, 9789386107930
Format: PDF
Language: English

12.00 $

This book is the first volume in the World Clinics: Dermatology series. It provides dermatologists with the most recent developments in the treatment of acne and associated disorders. Beginning with an introduction to the pathogenesis of acne and the role of microbiology, the following chapters discuss associated aspects including the role of nutrition, acne and PCOS, adult acne, and acne co-morbidities. The following sections discuss different treatments for acne including light and laser therapy, and a complete chapter is dedicated to the management of acne scars. With contributions from internationally recognised experts from through Europe and the USA, this useful guide includes more than seventy clinical photographs and tables, as well as extensive references in each chapter. Key points * Provides dermatologists with most recent developments in diagnosis and treatment of acne * Covers numerous associated conditions * Chapter dedicated to management of acne scars * International au

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