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Comprehensive Pharmacology 7 Volume  by Terry Kenakin

  • ISBN: 9780128204726
  • ISBN: 9780128208762
  • Format: original pdf/print replica

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Comprehensive Pharmacology, Seven Volume Set is organized into twelve sections that explore therapeutic areas, with a total of 320 comprehensive articles and 6,800 pages of important findings. Sections contain highly detailed coverage of information that has been overseen by an editorial board made up of well-respected, field leading experts. The content in this book offers readers an in-depth and easily accessible reference work on every aspect of pharmacological research surrounding the pharmacology of all therapeutic applications of drugs, their mechanism of action and their therapeutic values. These elements are essential as drugs are almost never tested and developed in the actual therapeutic system, but rather in test systems from which parameters must be determined to predict activity in systems of varying ambient physiology. As different technologies rapidly evolve, there is an ever-increasing level of knowledge about the pharmacology of known drugs, along with increasing capability to utilize pharmacological systems to predict new drug activity, all of which must be communicated to professionals in varying fields.

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