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Publication: Elsevier
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9780323682510
Format: PDF

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This issue of Thoracic Surgery Clinics of North America, guest edited by Dr. Edward D. Verrier, is devoted to Education and the Thoracic Surgeon. Dr. Verrier has assembled expert authors to review the following topics: The Master surgeon as educator; How does the adult surgeon learn?; How to obtain meaningful assessment in thoracic surgery education; How to give effective formative feedback in thoracic surgery education; Bias: How to minimize the hidden impact on thoracic surgical education; The educational challenges of the operating room; Effective classroom teaching and the impact of e-learning in thoracic surgery education; The alternative surgical curriculum; Deliberate practice and the emerging roles of simulation in thoracic surgery; Teaching, mentorship, and coaching in thoracic surgical education; Faculty development: using education for career advancement; The potential of virtual or augmented reality to enhance thoracic surgical education; How will artificial intelligence impact (cognitive) decision making in thoracic surgery; and more!

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