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Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods, 12th Edition – Original PDF
Authors: Michael N.A Nichols, Sean D. Davis
Publication: Pearson; 12th edition (January 2, 2020)
Year: 2020
ISBN: 9780135842843, 9780135842768 , 0135843065, 9780135843062, 0135842816, 0136911811, 9780135842812, 9780136911814
Format: Original PDF
Language: English

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An authoritative, readable, informative guide to the field of family therapy
Long considered the standard of excellence — the best introduction and guide to the practice of family therapy available — Family Therapy explores the rich history and contemporary practice of the entire field. Thorough, thoughtful, fair, and balanced, this accessible resource presents ideas and techniques that give readers a clear focus on clinical practice. While exploring the history, the classic schools, and the latest developments in the field, the 12th Edition puts an increased, pragmatic focus on clinical practice, including the author’s observations of actual sessions with leading practitioners, as well as the best case studies of several invited master therapists. Included are new case studies, a new chapter on research in family therapy, an expanded and updated section on technology, and many more content changes that bring the reader up to date on the latest and most critical issues in the field today.

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Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods 12th Edition

Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods 12th Edition PDF
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