Handbook of Brain Microcircuits 2nd Edition

Handbook of Brain Microcircuits 2nd Edition

Authors: Gordon M Shepherd, Sten Grillner

Publication: Oxford University Press

Year: 2017

ISBN: 9780190636111, 9780190636128, 9780190636135

Format: Original PDF

Language: English

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Featured in: Neuro Archives: Radiology

Updated and revised, the second edition of Handbook of Brain Microcircuits covers the functional organization of 50 brain regions. This now-classic text uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine the integration of structure, function, electrophysiology, pharmacology, brain imaging, and behavior. Through uniquely concise and authoritative chapters by leaders in their fields, the Handbook of Brain Microcircuits synthesizes many of the new principles of microcircuit organization that are defining a new era in understanding the brain connectome, integrating the major neuronal pathways and essential microcircuits with brain function.

New to the Second Edition:
� Insights into new regions of the brain through canonical microcircuit diagrams for each region
� Latest methodology in optogenetics, neurotransmitter uncaging, computational models of neurons and microcircuits, serial ultrastructure reconstructions, cellular and regional imaging
� Extrapolated data from new genetic tools and understandings applied to microcircuits in the mouse and Drosophila
� Common principles across vertebrate and invertebrate microcircuit systems, one of the key goals of modern neuroscience

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