Medical Law and Ethics 6th Edition

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Medical Law and Ethics 6th Edition Authors: Bonnie F. Fremgen
Publication: PearsonYear: 2019
ISBN: 9780135414521, 9780135414804
Format: Original PDF
Language: English

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Medical Law and Ethics 6th Edition Sixth ed PDF

A plain-language guide to the law and ethics of healthcare Medical Law and Ethics pdf examines the essentials of pertinent laws and the ethical demands of healthcare professions. Clear and readable, the text helps students identify the ethical norms they will adhere to in their chosen field. Real legal cases and stimulating exercises challenge learners to envision their responses to legal and ethical dilemmas in healthcare today. The 6th edition covers issues of increasing concern in hospitals and medical offices, including the opioid crisis in the US, electronic recordkeeping, and the needs of elderly and handicapped populations.

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