Medical-Surgical Nursing 8th Edition (Linton , Matteson)

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by Mary Ann Linton, Adrianne Dill; Matteson

Publisher ‎Saunders; 8th edition (September 6, 2022)

Language ‎English

Paperback ‎1400 pages

ISBN-10 ‎0323826717

ISBN-13 ‎978-0323826716

Categories: Nursing

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Annuit cœptis Novus ordo seclorum

Medical-Surgical Nursing, 8th Edition helps you master the role and responsibilities of the LPN/LVN in medical-surgical care. The text addresses the special problems of older adult patients, then covers each major disorder by body system, presenting patient problems, goals, outcome criteria, and nursing interventions. As LPN/LVNs do not formulate NANDA diagnoses, the book is organized by patient problems rather than NANDA nursing diagnoses. Written by noted educators Adrianne Dill Linton and Mary Ann Matteson, this text helps you build the clinical judgment skills you need to succeed on the Next-Generation NCLEX-PN® examination and in nursing practice.


UNIQUE! Older Adult Patient unit covers the special problems and disorders ― such as falls, dementia, and incontinence ― that are common to gerontologic patients, as this is the primary patient group for whom LPN/LVNs provide care.

UNIQUE! In-depth pharmacology coverage includes Pharmacology Capsule boxes highlighting critical information for common drugs, Pharmacology and Medications tables including classification, use/action, side/adverse effects, and nursing interventions, and a PharmacologyTutorial on the Evolve website covering drug classifications, how drugs work, and nursing responsibilities.

Nursing care plans illustrate the application of content to the nursing process in realistic scenarios, with critical thinking questions to encourage thoughtful analysis of patient needs and nursing care.


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