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eBook Microeconomics (Canadian Edition), 17th Edition by Christopher T.S. Ragan
YEAR 2022 Publisher Pearson Canada; 17th edition (Jan. 11 2022)
ISBN 9780137324286, 9780137324637 , 9780137324255, 09780135220887


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As the world shifts to a greater reliance on digital media, it is appropriate that this resource evolves as well. This seventeeth Canadian edition is the first fully digital version of Microeconomics. Instructors and students will find that, although the medium has changed, the content is fully consistent with prior editions.

Microeconomics 17th edition

Economics is a living discipline, changing and evolving in response to developments in the world economy and in response to the research of many thousands of economists throughout the world. Through seventeen editions, Economics has evolved with the discipline. Our purpose in this edition, as in the previous sixteen, is to provide students with an introduction to the major issues facing the world’s economies, to the methods that economists use to study those issues, and to the policy problems that those issues create.

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