Operative Techniques in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery [2nd ed/2e] Second Edition

Authors: Delaney, Conor P.; Lawrence, Justin K; Keller, Deborah S; Champagne, Bradley J; Senagore, Anthony J
Publication: Wolters Kluwer
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9781451142785, 9781469880242
Format: PDF
Language: English

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Featured in: Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery has been established as a safe, effective approach in the management of colorectal disease. Compared with open surgery, laparoscopy is associated with decreased postoperative analgesia requirements, faster return of bowel function and resumption of oral intake, shorter hospital stay, and better cosmetic repair.

Now in its Second Edition, Operative Techniques in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery gives surgeons the learning tools they need to understand and successfully incorporate laparoscopic colorectal surgery into their practice. This edition goes to great lengths to cover every aspect of each procedure in great detail—including tips for avoiding potential pitfalls.

• Detailed procedural descriptions help hone surgical technique and minimize error.
• Coverage of potential intraoperative complications helps prepare readers to manage any challenge with confidence.
• Full-color photographs assist with pattern recognition and highlight important anatomic landmarks.
• Video clips offer a surgeon’s eye view of commonly performed procedures.

NEW to the Second Edition…
• All new major operative videos highlight relevant anatomy and provide indispensable visual guidance for each procedure.
• Expanded list of colorectal procedures broadens therapeutic options.
• New chapters address Mobilization of the Mesorectum, Handsewn Coloanal Anastomosis, Robotic Single-port Right Colonectomy, Single Port Total Colectomy with End Ileostomy, Robotic Low Anterior Resection

This book will be a useful resource for residents, fellows in training, and surgeons who are either attending courses in laparoscopic colorectal surgery or are at an early stage of integrating this technique into their practice.

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