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Authors: Zakrzewska, Joanna M.
Publication: OUP Oxford
Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780199236695, 9780191575334
Format: PDF

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Orofacial pain – defined aspain lasting over three months in the mouth or face – is increasing in prevelance, with approximately 7% of the U.K. population having experienced it. It is currently managed by either dentists or general medical practitioners, both of whom have radically different approaches to treatment. While management of orofacial pain has improved quite dramatically over recent years, it is essential that dentists and general practitioners are aware of these advances and of the differences in their approaches. This concise handbook takes an evidence-based psychosocial approach to the management of patients with pain in the face or mouth and provides basic guidelines to facilitate care quickly in the clinical setting. The book will serve as a useful guide for dental practitioners, specialists in orofacial pain, trainee pain specialists, neurologists with an interest in pain, specialist pain nurses, as well as general medical practitioners.

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