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  • by Ali Fahir Ozer
  • Release Date: January 24, 2017
  • ISBN: 9786055004125
  • Language: English

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Since the last 20 years, spinal surgery has a significant development in Turkey and around the world, compared with the other diciplines. Spinal surgery group was found ed with the support of Turkish Neurosurgical Society twenty years ago and now this small group has been transformed into a giant community with the idealism of trainers, trainees and volunteers. In this regard, we have learned, have tried to teach and have trained together while training. During our academic profession improve, spinal surgery in our country were subjected to quick scientific upgrade. Countless meetings, symposia, summer schools and conferences were organized. Numerous symposia books, course booklets we reprinted. Revealed a large number of valuable Works from each other.
In this book consists of two volumes, 100 chapters has been written by 110 aurthors. We are confident that this book which include thousands of references would be a seriouss our ceformany valuable papers. In this book, which includetrics of spinal

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