Proximal Hamstring Tears: From Endoscopic Repair to Open Reconstruction 1st ed. 2021 Edition

ISBN-13: 978-3030560249
ISBN-10: 3030560244
Publisher : Springer; 1st ed. 2021 edition (October 2, 2020)
Language: : English

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Currently, there are no texts focused on proximal hamstring pathology and surgical treatment options. While midsubstance muscle tears of the hamstring are typically treated non-operatively, proximal hamstring tears often require surgery, which can create anxiety for the orthopedic surgeon, as the exposure is deep and the sciatic nerve is at risk for injury. Moreover, the algorithm for repairing proximal hamstring tears is complex, as the spectrum of pathology starts from partial tears to acute tears to chronic tears with varying degrees of retraction. With the advent of arthroscopic procedures around the hip, innovative treatment methods such as endoscopic surgery have been utilized to repair the proximal hamstring. For successful treatment of chronic hamstring tendon tears, allograft reconstruction has been shown to be successful.

The book opens with a thorough review of the relevant functional anatomy of the hamstring and related structures, before moving on to discuss epidemiology, classification and biomechanics of injury. The main focus, however, is on treatment strategies, from non-operative methods, including cutting-edge biologics, to open, endoscopic and arthroscopic approaches for partial, acute and chronic tears. The management of complications and rehabilitation protocols round out the presentation. Detailed illustrative case examples provide real-world demonstration of each chapter’s concepts.

Practical and user-friendly, Proximal Hamstring Tears will be very useful for the sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation medicine, and physical therapy communities.

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